Feasibility Studies

Feasibility Studies

These days, many ventures are being launched, yet only a few make it and grow into successful projects, practically, not all creative ideas succeed. That’s why Feasibility Studies are an absolute necessity, 

It’s delivered at an early-stage assessment of a project before the start of technical development and project implementation. Platform stands by your side to gauge the likelihood of success or failure of any business you wish to do, through a careful analysis to see if the project could have been successfully and practically executed from many angles, and we will dive further into providing you with data on market gaps, risks, competition and opportunities. The aspects covered by our feasibility studies are the technical department which includes the business model, legal form of the project, products / services, risk analysis, market study, competitor analysis, marketing strategies and organizational structure. 

The financial section includes the cost structure and financial projections, profit and loss structure, break-even point, return on investment (ROI)and sensitivity analysis, and our feasibility study for major production projects includes a chapter covering production lines specifications, import and installation methods, factory plans, conditions, health and safety required.

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