Humanitarian Project Design

Human Project Design

The biggest concern of local associations and organizations today is access to financing channels to obtain the necessary liquidity for their projects, as project proposals submitted to donors represent the main key to securing the required funding, as any project that will be submitted to donors must be well designed and based on preliminary study and real evidence. Platform will take care of this task, as our experts are ready to design projects for your organization based on an in-depth analysis of community needs based on data issued from the ground and meetings with stakeholders.

Our experts will also formulate objectives, define target beneficiaries, arrive at a logical framework for the project, and finally, a work plan accompanied by a timeline with specifying the resources needed for the project, all to ensure that the project has a coherent design that enables donors to understand and realize its importance and feasibility, and also gives the organization the ability to effectively manage and track project activities and reach the planned results.

Platform Consulting

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