Sales and Channel Management

Sales and Channel Management

Almost every company has a dispersed customer base and large number of transactions, and customers increasingly move through channels to get what they want. The fundamental question here, that faces most companies, is which channels are most appropriate for their products and how to manage these channels so that they reach the consumer effectively!

Platform with its experts helps companies that want to create a new “start-up” channels model. We provide them with an accurate view of the channels according to geographical area, industrial sector, target consumers and cost, in order to find opportunities for company growth. Our service also includes assisting existing companies that want to transfer sales to new channels,

by determining how and to whom the company can target its current products and services, while developing specific tactics that support the strategy of entering new markets.

What we seek is to develop sales effectiveness in all channels including digital channels, based on an approach that relies on a careful evaluation of each channel’s performance while analyzing its opportunities and risks, creating a mix of products, services, prices and promotions that fit each channel, and designing performance stimulation programs for each one, along with defining channel management processes and how to adapt them to automated market changes, all in order to unleash your sales and growth.

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