Our Services


Investment Services

We are very eager about supporting companies that want to invest in the Syrian market to develop business and industries in the country, as we cover a range of services related to investment:


Non Profit Organizations Services

We believe in the importance of humanitarian work in Syria and the impact that can be created by responding to the needs of the population and supporting the process of recovery and development in the community, hence, we are proud to provide an additional set of services directed to the parties working in the humanitarian sector, according to the following:

Business Development Services

We are passionate about helping companies on a strategic and operational scale, as the glaring success and creating a competitive advantage in accelerated environments like the one we live in today require strategic decisions, processes and tools,  through a set of services:



Engineering services

The engineering aspect has an important part of Platform’s attention and care. Platform stands with its clients to help them through a set of engineering services provided by a group of engineering consultants in various engineering specialties (civil, architecture, mechanical, electrical) according to the following:

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